From doodling in the back of class in high school to attending the Cégep de Matane in Fine Arts, to another year of studies at OUC in Kelowna, BC, and onto to graffiti sketchbooks and spray paint exploration in Ottawa, Rachel found her way back to her native Montreal in 1999 where she worked, amongst other things, as an illustrator and graphic designer, indulging in elementary painting and late night coffee shop drawing sessions, paving the way to finally meet her mentor and friend Alejandro Boim, Argentinean artist and professor, who took her under his wing and with whom she honed her craft for over half a decade. Since then she’s exhibited in shops and small galleries in and around Montreal, selling originals and delivering various commission work. She presently has pieces represented at the LAB in Magog and works out of her loft in the Village.


Rachel Tremblay seeks to create an experience that ultimately elevates the spirit of the appreciator, with the desire to stop time and transcend the present moment, if only a little, in order to experience something moving, wether it be different or familiar, dark and mysterious ou playful and joyful. Rachel chooses to use only her eyes and her brushes to render her subjects – uncovering a deeper level of susceptibilities and injecting a sentiment and feeling achieved only by a purposeful hand. She wishes to describe a reality seen with dreamers’ eyes that look at the world through a more poetic lens.


email: beahappyhippo@gmail.com

gallery: lab.gallery

instagram: @swell_rachelle

facebook: facebook.com/dirtybrush.art

music : http://www.augustelliot.bandcamp.com

poetry : www.blanketsandfrankincense.wordpress.com


Rachel Tremblay cherche à créer une expérience qui élèvera l’esprit de l’appréciateur, avec le désir d’arrêter le temps et nous transporter au-delà du moment présent, même si que pour un petit instant, afin de vivre quelque chose de touchant, que ce soit différent ou familier, sombre et mystérieux ou d’enjoué et joyeux. Rachel choisit d’utiliser que ses yeux et ses pinceaux pour peindre ses sujets, révélant une susceptibilité plus profonde et insérant une émotion et un sentiment livrés uniquement par une main décidée. Elle désire décrire une réalité vue à travers des yeux rêveurs qui observent le monde à travers une lentille plus poétique.




5 thoughts on “about

  1. I Love You!! Yé super, ton site!! Pis je suis toujours impressionnée au max quand je regarde ton oeuvre :o) xxx

  2. Rachelle what a bit of joy this morning to find your site. I do hope that you find another master in Costa Rica. Please keep in touch when you and family move there. We keep you all in our heart and prayers.

    Auntie Louise (PL) Who wants to learn how to paint!

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