Queen Chameleon

Queen Chameleon

Thoughts on chameleon-like qualities:

In the confusing messy soup of social reality, I personally feel in a constant ebb and flow of bringing myself back to my true self, analyzing my position in relation to people + systems + religion + government + social Justice + NGOs + charities + friendships + business & business relations etc etc etc, like a planet in relation to the stars, and making choices every day, every minute, in order to find my balance & well-being authentically.

It’s a rebellious choice to be true to one’s vision and desires and reality, and loving ourselves in a society that wants us to doubt ourselves, hate our bodies, feel like we’re not enough, and *buy all the things*. Adapting like the chameleon becomes a weapon, a skill, knowledge, growth, tact, wisdom. Not to be fake, but to be more true and survive peacefully while being it.

just… some thoughts. Thoughts that can very well change later today or tomorrow!

20” x 40” oil on wood panel

Soon to be mounted in a glossy black vintage frame


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