Me & Homing Pigeon

Me & Homing Pigeon

I wanted to paint a bunch of big pieces on unmounted canvas and just stash them rolled up because let’s face it, I don’t have any more room for big paintings (which is one of the reasons I started a series of small pieces) but ended just doing this one. It is now pinned up in my dining room / where my books live.

I really enjoyed working on this taped to my cement wall in the loft. Very different than working on a bouncy mounted canvas. Anyway, i have this piece to blame as for why I really like working on wood now.

Homing pigeon is a portrait of the writer, the artist, the songwriter. The one who exposes their private self, and makes themself vulnerable to the world, open for criticism and possibly getting picked apart.

Behind the subject I painted the words of the first page of my first book.

I have four books out, and writing is definitely the more stressful art out of the three I mess with when it comes to people critiquing the work. Reviewers go hard and if they love it they scream it on the rooftops, and if they hate it they just don’t give a shit about your stupid feelings. Ha! You have no choice but to grow tough, reptilian skin.

But all of it is scary. Every painting, every song. Fear is a good indicator that you’re making something true to you. And not some rip off thing that’s been done and tested and doesn’t put your neck on the block.

So ya.

Homing pigeon.

Going home and creating from there. Naked. Neck on the block.

2 thoughts on “Me & Homing Pigeon

  1. Very attractive image, Rachel!🌞
    (The pigeon’s quite cute as well, LOL!)

    Actually I got a slight Botticelli(Birth-of-Venus)-esque vibe at first glance.
    There’s a nice sense of emergence.

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