Looking up

8” x 8” • oil on wood

Children are wonderful models! I’ve painted and drawn both my kids a bunch of times over the years and it’s hard because selling those ones always hurt more 😆

Anyway, this is my son many years back. He is a big 15 year old dude now and an amazing human.

My kids are my world. I homeschooled them from the start, they’ve never been to school. They have been at a professional ballet school for 7 & 8 years now though. Anyway, I loved every step of the way, every phase, every conversation. I put everything “career” on pause for over a decade (I still created, just slower) and made them my first job, my priority. And I have no regrets. They are the best things I’ve brought into this world. Everything else is secondary.

Now I get to hang with my 17 yr old daughter and listen to records and draw, or jam on the guitar with my son who knows more 90s alternative covers than I ever have. We watch documentaries and read books and they love to teach their dad and I about the difference between sex and gender, about why we should boycott the movie Mulan, about the new wild artists they discovered.

Every generation should be better than the next, because the future is theirs.

Raising them is the best job & privilege I ever had.

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