5 thoughts on “Silk & Iron

  1. This is an amazing piece. Very evocative of so much depth. A ballerina is a symbol of beauty but we see in her putting on a helmet the concept that she is performing which raises questions about one’s true self. Is she merely performing or is she trying on a new persona? Does she know her real self? Is she giving the audience what they want or what she wants to give? I project onto this image the feeling that she is unsure. In contrast to the skull on her head – a skull an artifact of civilization and what is worst about it – war, conflict, defensiveness, hiding oneself – we see at her feet skulls. A skull is what all human beings most fundamentally possess, and in common. Nature unites us, civilization divides us.. Certainly, we don’t see her features underneath this mask. It hides her completely which may be the case when we “perform” for others, not only in Art but in daily life. Yet, the helmet does clothe or provide flesh to the bone. It is so obviously a human artifact yet it has added value to a mere skull. To me, it seems that this ballerina is not yet in front of her audience. I see her as in front of a mirror trying out the helmet, seeing what she looks like and imagining how her audience might view her. I love this type of art. Surrealistic?

  2. Your take is very interesting! When I created this, the skull represented fear and doubt, that she slew (slayed), and the helmet represents the battle to overcome ones’ own limitations, both of body and of mind, regardless how new or how professional to the art one is (this one here is more “green” as you might notice from the unkempt tutu and the twisted shoulder strap)… it is a beautiful struggle.

  3. Hilarious what one can project on to someone else’ dream or art. Btw, I mistakenly wrote “skull” in place of “helmet” in the sentence: “a skull is an artifact of civilization…”
    Your art is amazing and I hope to see it ‘live’ one day…

  4. I think that’s the funnest part about creating – hearing other people’s stories and interpretations. Hence, thanks for sharing you vision 🙂

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